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“Fuelling bodies, nurturing minds, and harmonising souls” — I’m Tommaso Zanette, your guide on this transformable journey towards holistic well being. As a certified nutritionist & dietitian with a heart for holistic health, I’m dedicated to letting you know as much as I can about health, from various perspectives.

My Journey to Holistic Health 🛤️

  • Discovering My Path: It all started with a passion for physical training and a curiosity about the intricate connection between the diet and the body performance. I quickly found out that depending on what I was eating, I could perform better during my sessions. This got me into nutrition with the purpose of finding how the body works and how to “hack it”. Because of it, I started studying “Human Nutrition and Dietetics” at the University, while also doing my own research and experiments on myself with different diets and philosophies.

  • Education: Armed with a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and years of personal experimentation, I have a decent understanding on how the body works and how it reacts to different changes. Nevertheless, I am not stopping at the degree, my research is continuing in other areas using books, articles and consultation of experts in the field, all done with a critical view.

  • Why Holistic Health: Each step of my journey has been guided by the belief that true health encompasses “body, mind, and spirit”. This is the result I came up with after looking at how many variables are implicated health wise. I couldn’t just focus on nutrition because it is “influenced by” and “it influences” many other factors too, such as sleep, mood, training, environment… it’s all deeply connected in an holistic way!

My Philosophy 💡

I think that health shouldn’t be determined by some guides that apply to everyone. I think that each individual is different, therefore each one has different requirements. There is not such thing that can be applied to everyone. Sure, the end goal is health in all cases, which I define as the total human capacity and it’s represented in this Latin quote “mens sana in corpore sano”, which means “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”. Being a nutritionist & dietitian, I see my role not just as an expert that tells you what to eat, but more like a “professor” that allows you to find your own path towards health.

  • The Whole Spectrum of Knowledge: I think that if we do not get information from all corners, if we do not consult different sources and question things, we cannot really decide for ourselves, we are not free, we are just blindly trusting someone else. My goal is to provide a summary of all relevant parts, so to let you have that information and encourage you doing your own research.

  • Read Everything, Believe Nothing: The knowledge that is gathered during many decades, even centuries, can be instantly “destroyed” as soon as a new study shows up and finds that what we’ve been taking as right, it’s now wrong. This already happened with many scientific discoveries and it will continue to happen in other fields as well. Therefore I am open to new interpretations of already discussed topics and I don’t take all the “proven theories” as truth, just because they’ve been accepted by a lot of people for a relative long time.

  • Experience Kills Theory: No matter how well things can be explained or told, they mean very little when compared to living them. It’s just not the same trying to tell you how is the experience of a certain event, as you actually experiencing it with you own skin; you might feel different things you didn’t expect and maybe discover something new about yourself. Together with this one I also like the “lead by example”, which is one of my favourites as it brings back “common sense” that is somehow lost nowadays.

What I Offer 🌟

  • Empowering Through Knowledge: I synthesise very diverse health research and opinions to present well balanced views, encouraging you to think critically and make informed decisions.

  • Encouraging Critical Reflection: Advocating for a questioning and discerning approach, I empower you to delve deeper into health information, encouraging the development of your own independent opinions. Having access to wider info will make you reflect quite a lot and that’s exactly when you start to become critic.

  • Holistic Health Guidance: While I emphasise critical thinking and the synthesis of information, I also provide guidance on how to apply holistic health principles to your daily life.

  • Quality over Quantity: Do not expect hundreds of posts, I prioritise them being high value ones, therefore they will be published when ready.

    It takes time and effort to make things simple, but it’s totally worth it.

    Simple is not easy, it’s actually pretty difficult to make things simple nowadays, as it involves a lot of curating.

Testimonials 💬

“Working with Tommy has been a game-changer. I’ve learned to listen to my body and nourish it not just with food, but with self-care and mindfulness.” - Theresa Zane

“Tommy, you’re the person I know who takes the most care of himself, you’re an example, you inspire me” - Paul Martin

“As I understand, Tommy, you’re not into Fitness - you’re into Health, which is a much different approach than what the majority of people offer” - Oliver Perry

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Ready to embrace a life of balance and vitality? Reach out today, and let’s start your journey to holistic health together. I’ll see what we can achieve together :)

Also, if you want to write me any comment, suggestion or just chatting about a certain topic, you can do so at this email address: info@tommasozanette.com

Closing Thoughts 🌼

I’m here to support you in creating a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside. Together, we’ll explore the harmony of holistic nutrition and I’ll help you discover your own path to holistic health, while empowering you with critical wisdom.